Only one page today. Ugh….

Why? Well, originally, there was gonna be 3 pages, but some weird and infuriating shit happened. Yesterday, I had completed 2 comic pages and was like 80% done with the third, or I so thought. But last night, when I was gonna finish the third one, I saw that it and the two other ones disappeared! Dis-a-fucking-peared! (This was my reaction.) I’m thinking that maybe I saved/moved them to some random place on my computer, but I did a file search and couldn’t find them. Also, that doesn’t make sense. So, maybe my computer is like haunted or possessed or something. I wonder if can get my machine exorcised. All in all, I am lucky to even have this page up (…and that a blood vessel in my brain didn’t explode.) Oh well, c’est la vie or whatever. Yeesh. Anyway, enough about my crap, how are you doing?

Oh, oh, also, on a side note, this is my 100th page. Who knew I’d last this long? I most certainly didn’t. Maybe, I deserve a beer or two… or six pack.