Ok, so, I LIED. I’M A LYING LIAR. I didn’t mean to lie, but I did. I had the best intentions of having two pages for this week, but I spent Monday night in a jail cell that felt like a fucking meat locker while I was still feeling under the weather, so that shit really took the wind out of my (comic making) sails. (Lame excuse, I know. Just so you know, I was only there because I had a warrant for an unpaid speeding ticket that’s worth $1000, nothing major. Long story short, but that whole thing is still unresolved, so I still have a warrant and still owe $1000.) Hell yeah, gettin’ this year started off right! Anyway, I still owe y’all a page, so I’m going to try my bestest to have two for y’all next week. (Unless another profoundly shitty thing happens to me… Like getting arrested again!)