Welp, here it is, new page. Thanks to everyone for your kind words. I needed to hear it.

To those who are, um, concerned about TNBTU moving to tumblr, don’t worry. It’s really not gonna be that bad. I personally follow several webcomics that are hosted on tumblr without any problems. I may make a tapas mirror later, idk. I know I can’t please everyone, I’m just doing the best I can.

Most of you will be able to follow TNBTU the same as you already do, I hope. The domain will be the same. I will just be changing to where it’s pointed to. Though I advise those who follow RSS to check the address, and make sure it’s http://feeds.feedburner.com/tnbtu, and not http://tnbtu.com/feed and definitely not http://tnbtu.lrhale.com/feed. The only thing I can’t fix is those of you following by email. So, if you follow by email, I’m sorry, but that will no longer be a viable option.

Also, the move/migration will happen on MONDAY, MAY 28.